Digital Screen Protection Glasses

Since I look at screens all day for work (on my computer and my phone), I decided to get some glasses with digital screen protection.

Do You Need UV Protection Lenses in Your Glasses?
It’s no secret that UV (Ultraviolet) rays can damage your eyes. Many prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses come with UV protection, but not all lenses are created equal.

But if you already have some glasses, how can you make sure that your eyes are being kept safe?

Where to Find Cute Blue Light Glasses
I knew I had been on my phone a lot more during lockdown. But it wasn’t until last week that I realized exactly how much more. My darling iPhone alerted me that my screen time was up by 80%!!! I had a momentary freak out and since then have been trying to be on my phone less. I’m swapping most FaceTimes for good ‘ol fashioned phone calls. But I still am scrolling through Instagram double the amount that I used to. Hey, it’s about progress not perfection, right?

CHRISSY TEIGEN IS OUR spirit animal, and when she’s excited about something we can’t help but feel a little thrill too — especially when it’s a trend we’ve already got our eyes on. The famed model, mama and cookbook author recently teamed up with Quay Australia for a collection of glasses that, aside from looking cute, also come with the option of blue-light blocking lenses.

How Glasses Can Help You Live a Better Life
Some people hate wearing glasses, especially those of us who were not used to wearing them from an early age, but only got vision impairment later on in life. It’s understandable too, given that wearing glasses for the first time as an adult, is a completely new and initially uncomfortable sensation.

The most desired fashionista glasses models of the season
Knowing all the references of the sunglasses we love to date, let’s find out which the most desired models of 2020 are and which promise to continue their reign in the new decade that is coming:

Walk into most department stores and you’ll find an array of sunglasses in every size, shape and color imaginable. Finding the right pair takes some time and a lot of trial and error. However, I am here to tell you there is a science to finding the right style for you.

How to Choose the Right Glasses
Most moms out there will know that it’s a strain reading bedtime stories every night, helping out with homework and getting through the many other daily chores that give your eyes a bit of a workout. For those of you who need glasses, don’t worry! Just see it, excuse the pun, as another opportunity to show off your taste and style.

Is It Just Me or Is Fashion Getting Really Streamlined?

just opened a newsletter from Elin Kling’s brand, Totême—subject title: Shop by uniform. Inside, three templates for evening, everyday, and weekend were listed. Each featured seven looks. The only color options were actually non-colors, and therefore non-options: black, beige, white, and gray. I’d have bought it all—every last look, down to the subtlest piece.