I know it’s still a little bit equity for now until I put everything in it but anyway today I wanted to talk about verified social profiles specifically Facebook I’m sure plenty of you including myself always want to have verified social profiles it’s like bragging rights it’s really cool dat valo check mark but sites like Facebook Twitter YouTube are usually pretty stringent in who they verify on their site but there is a little trick I’m going to clue you guys in on today for Facebook at least on how to get your Facebook page verified it’s really easy it’s totally free obviously you do it right through Facebook shouldn’t have a problem with it I only recently learned about this through a friend they probably don’t want to be named in case they don’t want to get in trouble or something like that but

I thought I would tell you guys how to do it now normally if you want to get a Facebook page verified you usually have to be a famous celebrity or have hundreds of thousands of likes or something like that but this method that I found out about really works even if you don’t have that many likes it essentially fast tracks or verification I guess and I do a live demo I record it right before this so I know it works I think you guys should enjoy it now before we get started there are a couple requirements that you guys should know about first of all I don’t think this works on Facebook profiles only Facebook pages so you could try it but it might not work I’ve only seen to work on Facebook pages so far secondly the page can’t be brand new I’ve tried it it doesn’t work on brand new pages from what

I’ve been experimenting with it seemed like the page has to be at least about a month old and you have to be posting on it regularly I guess they have some sort of filter in there so people can’t just sign up for a million blank pages and verify them all so it’s pretty reasonable I would just say if you post a couple times a week it should get past that filter and finally as far as I know this is not an official guide published by Facebook at all you’re really not supposed to know about it in the first place so if it doesn’t work don’t go complaining to them because they’re not going to help you so now that we have all that out of the way let’s go over to the computer and I’ll show you a live demo how it works shouldn’t have any trouble with it let’s get started okay so here we are on my Facebook page of the computer and obviously you have to be logged in to your Facebook page first not through your profile as you can see

I’m not verified and you know you don’t have to do anything on this page the first thing you need to do is go to the about page and then these are all the different fields you can actually edit as information for your page and this is where we’re going to actually flag your account to be verified and we’re going to change some of these so that Facebook knows ok this page needs to be verified so first thing you want to do is make sure you write down all these different fields so that you know what it was before so you can change it back once you’re verified the first thing you need to change is address so you can just type in verified you just type in verified that’s all you type in nothing else and then this is going to be the same thing we’re going to type into all these other fields need affiliation verified short description verified impress them verified

I don’t even know that press MIT bio verified and then you just want to go through awards verified you don’t need to do all of them such as gender that is not a field where you type anything customs that doesn’t matter personal information verified and then that should be it okay you don’t have to do personal interest but we could just for the heck of it so once you enter in these fields everything in this row accept mail just type in verified the same thing and then that is all you have to do on the about page alright and then after you do all that the next thing you need to do is just go back to your timeline and this is where we actually send out the signal to actually try and get it verified to initiate the process so what you need to do is make a post on your page it just says verify not verified like we type into the previous fields just verify and then you hit publish and then that sends out the initiation process to get the page verified probably won’t be instant we can check it out just keep refreshing no not verified yet hopefully it’ll happen soon

I know it happens within 24 hours if it’s going to happen at all let’s just try one more time and oh wow okay alright so there was instantly that was a lot faster than I expected you probably can expect it within 24 hours like I just said I guess the more likes you have the faster it goes people I’ve talked to it’s happened in 24 hours but if it happens this quickly all the better so if it doesn’t happen within 24 hours I’m thinking it probably isn’t going to work at all unfortunately not sure what goes on behind the scenes there and maybe it got filtered out somehow but after it does get verified now you can just go ahead and go back to the about page and change everything back to how it was and then it should keep on being verified and then you’re good to go and that’s it as you guys saw it was pretty easy probably easier than you expected and if by now you don’t have your Facebook page verified instantly it hopefully will be verified in the next 24 hours again I don’t really know what’s totally going on behind the scenes here so no guarantees but in every case

I’ve looked at and had friends do it it’s worked every time so hopefully you shouldn’t have any trouble so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you found it interesting be sure to give it a thumbs up let us know if it work down the comment section again sorry for the echo in the next couple weeks I’m still going to be building out this little studio don’t even have a desk in here yet so things are going to be changing slightly over the next few days but bear with me if you guys want to continue watching I’ve got some other videos on the right-hand side you can just click those or look in the description for the same link like if you’re on a phone and if you want to subscribe I make new videos several times a week usually two videos a week at this point I’m going to be bringing it back up to three times a week once I’m all settled so thanks for watching guys I will see you next time have a good one