Privacy Policy

We wish to abide as a legal corporation and so we maintain privacy regulations as per law. Your private details are stored in a confidential database that is accessible only to security passed employees. It is never handed over to any person without your written permission.

Utilization of cookies:

Cookies related to the website are stored only on the computer used and not in an online record. The service uses cookies only to reduce entries of data multiple times when you stay on the page longer than few minutes. It can be used to unlock private communication throughout a session. Cookies are not given to any third party, unless specified by law through search warrant or a subpoena, so that we can abide by regulations. This is also not a complete disclosure as you can delete or disable cookies by any means.

Collected information:

IP address, browser settings and other settings and the changes made by you in them are recorded for the purpose of adjusting your user practices in our website. This also includes recording of your time of use of the website. This is done for various reasons, which includes a checking of gearing your user practices as your favourite. Such as, the previous language used comes as the first preference when you change your language settings. If you use a specific browser, then the user experience is maximized according to that browser. This way the recordings are used to widen our website.

External links:

We check the links placed by us, which connects to other websites. This does not mean that we constantly monitor such sites and the details you view by clicking them are excellent content. The set of laws of the website in collecting cookies are their own and not controlled by us. We use URL redirectors that redirects by the use of best search results from our website. Any click on a link redirects to an URL of our corporation and then redirects to the desired website. This refines our services tech.

Shared information:

Private details are not passed to any one unless for official reasons (like a search warrant), as mentioned earlier. We do not intend to sell your details to company associates, people, industries or sponsors. Figures and data connected without any identifiers are the only data shared. This may include the number of visitors to our site and what time they visit. However, personal information will not be shared unless if law demands or only with your written permission.

Policy changes:

By using our website, you agree to follow the set of laws. If you are asked to enter your personal details, you need to verify and agree to the terms and conditions again. The policies are subjected to change when needed, without any prior notice and can be communicated to you when required or when it affects you. Please get to know the Ts and Cs standard of our website and understand the time needed to collect information from you.