Float Down Colorado’s Wild Yampa River with Google Street View

The deskbound can now explore one of the West’s last wild rivers without leaving their chairs, thanks to a new project that uses Google Street View technology on a float trip down Colorado’s Yampa River.


Three Tourist Destinations in the USA Where You Can De-stress

Stress has become an inevitable part of modern living. From going to school, or going to work, even to maintaining relationships, it continuously builds up like a savings account no one asked for. Most of us are even stuck with the same routine, facing the same people, day in and day out.


All About Our Family Trip To Yellowstone National Park

For our summer vacation this year, we took a trip to Yellowstone National Park with our three kids. It was the most magical few days. I had so many questions about this trip, so I wanted to share what we did, where we stayed, and other details that made it an amazing trip



Ever wonder what goes down on these health and spirituality retreats that go on for days at a time? What’s it really like to work with a wide range of mind-body masters in a short period of time and get vulnerable with a group of people you’ve likely


Planning the Ultimate American Cultural Road Trip

It’s often said that the great cultural centers of the US are on opposing coasts, and that this distance is what gives them their individual characters. It means that even in this age of instant global communication, there are at least two distinct strands of art, music, theater, film


Discount coupons: tips to save on your purchases

Discount coupons: tips to save on your purchases

Do you need to save? Do you want to get discounts on the main brands? The discount coupons are a way to access the best prices on many products and brands like Linio, Walmart, Volaris, Dafiti … In this post will discuss some saving tips to avoid impulse purchases and make the most out of our money.



How to take advantage of discount coupons to fill the shopping cart?

With a little patience and as much planning, you can save a lot in the shopping cart, one of the main household expenses. Here are some tips to help you find and get the most out of discount coupons.

In the United States, people often take advantage of discount coupons to make purchases.


Cabo Girls Trip – My Itinerary & What to Pack

In the past few years, Cabo, Mexico has become my go-to getaway. It’s such a short flight from Los Angeles and always has incredible weather. The other weekend, my best friend, Jessica Lowndes, called me asking if I wanted to Cabo. My answer was obviously yes! We booked a flight for the next morning and had four days filled with sunshine and laughter.


Travel Wasn’t Fulfilling Until I Changed Why I Travel

Perhaps there is something in human DNA that makes us love traveling. Early humans were nomadic, following the game and better climates.

And travel can provide greener pastures still. Or it can waste your time and your money.

Why Do You Travel?



You all know we spend quite a bit of time in the city by the bay! My family has been vacationing in San Francisco every Summer ever since I was a little girl. We’d always drive and stay with a long time family friend who we called Uncle Fernando. His apartment was nestled near Clement St. and naturally over the years we’d come to know the little neighborhood that is Clement St.


My big trip for New year

I’m leaving in one month in Africa for an Internship. My new year resolution is that I want to do my internship with success and finish my degree in géography forthe next summer. Like that I’ll able to enter for my master in september. 


My big trip for New year

How Do You Get Good Deals On Travel?