Safety check for websites

VerifyMySite checks websites for malware, viruses, phishing, spyware and child safety. It analyzes multiple sources to calculate a score for a website. The result is displayed in a simple form, which is easy to understand.

Our database contains millions of sites and it’s constantly growing. Try to check your website and see what score you get. Keep in mind that we use child safety in our score as well. It means that even if your site is safe, but not child safe, it might mean that you have low safety score.

Free security seal

We provide free security seal for every website which is in our database. To get free security seal type website name in a form above. When you get your website page, simply copy code for security seal and paste it to your website.


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Security seal is a great way to prove your users that your website is safe. Don’t wait! Get prove of your site security now!

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